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Curso de inglês 2 TV Cultura 07 de 09 ING.2- 07. Passive Voice

Watch this video who are working with last year of High School.
Imagine the following activity, which we can have as goals identify the peculiarity of a FORUM, a personal diary and hoto make a autobiography. So, we can use the internet as a device to help you in the class.
Firstly you have to take your students to computer, they can search about the Theme chosen and you can help you about the carachteristc of a FORUM. For example, as my chosen Theme is about pregnancy:

June 14 – 2:15 pm

Pregnant – 1st trimester
Currently feeling : confused
Status: offline



I found out I was pregnant a few weeks ago. I’m only 17. y At first I felt totally scared, my parents flipped, my boyfriend stopped talking to me after I told him. Is this normal? What was  reaction when you first found out you were pregnant?
June 14 – 2:16 pm
Pregnant (expecting)
Currently Felling: sick
Status : offline
People have their judgments and I guess that’s the hardest thing about being a pregnant teen. When I found out I was pregnant I was scared and really worried about my future. My advice is: take it one day at time.
June 15 – 01:09 am
Pregnant – 2nd trimester
Currently feeling : tired
Status: online
MaryAnne, in my case it was a shock to find out I was pregnant. Of course my parents weren’t happy at all. It was really hard. I’m 16 and everybody wants to tell me what to do and not do do…

it's always important the teacher know a little of computers and help the students during the activity. The teacher can explore the task asking to pupils, how is organized the Forum, how can they find out forum about themes who are interested for them. Explore the text suggested, asking them who wrote the fist message, the last one, their real name, beyond to work with simple past.

Now complete the sentences in Column A using the options in Column B

                        Column A                                                                                                 Column B

a)      You can find of text                                                      (   ) forum

b)      It’s a                                                                                    (   ) on the internet

c)       The messages are written                                         (   ) by different people

d)      These people write because                                    (   ) is pregnancy

e)      In this specific forum, the general topic                (   ) they want to discuss a                                                                                             a topic or exchange ideas.

Important, this text was taken from Caderno do Aluno 8ª série/9 ano volume 3, but we can work this activity in High School like I did. Depend on the content you are working.

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Baby heartbeat

Well, the first ultrasson was noted. My wife had made the pregnant test (positive) and her doctor had told us, we are expecting a baby, but nothing was more emotionable than when I listen in the first time my baby heartbeat. ..., it is like if  just after this moment I began to believe. "I WOULD BE A FATHER. IT WAS REAL.  So naturally in this year, working with my students, the theme about pregnancy and fetal development begin to appear in my classes. A worthy topic for all my students because there are a lot of students in sexual life and a great number expecting a baby.

How can I help my pregnant partner?


Watch this video. My wife is 7 months expecting a baby. This video was one of the firsts video I watched after I have discovered we are expecting a baby. Firstly I began to understand my fears, the growth of my baby, the changes body's my wife, her feeling, my emotions.

Become a Father

Well, this is my first message. I needed to create a blog. It was very difficult to me, because I had to think in a theme. What? I haven't foggiest idea. So... I slept... When I woke up and I thought... why don't I talk about my experience to expecting a baby... actually it is my wife is pregnant, but I am expecting a baby with her, because we share a lot of emotions, wishes, fears. We read book, magazines and we do some courses. But there was other problem, my blog would have to have some education side, because my pos graduation is about English education. So, no more than natural write about my testimonial experience how to become a father with a educational way.